Price sheet

Item Description Each   
Specimen identification e.g. prior to radiocarbon dating, usually only a single piece of material $17
Point sample identification e.g., charcoal concentration removed by hand in the field, may contain several different specimens $45
Wood identification structural or craft wood (buildings, shipwrecks, coffins), cost varies depending on condition of wood, geographical breadth of possible identifications, and specificity of desired identification $17-50
Screen sample identification many items collected from screen, includes 20-specimen wood charcoal identification $90
Flotation sample, small light fraction < 2 g $135
Flotation sample, medium light fraction 2-20 g $175
Flotation sample, large light fraction 20-40 g $220
Flotation sample, extra large light fraction > 40 g  $400 and up


Prices include sorting, wood charcoal identification for flotation samples (standard 20 specimen subsample), reporting, supplies, and return shipping.

Most clients elect to flotation-process their own samples due to the cost of shipping large soil volumes. Contact Macrobotanical Analysis if you require flotation services.