Leslie L. Bush is an RPA-certified archaeologist with more than 20 years’ experience analyzing floral macroremains from sites in Texas, the Great Plains, and the Eastern Woodlands of the United States. She has more limited experience in Mexico and the American Southwest. Her consulting practice, Macrobotanical Analysis, is a HUB-certified Texas business (VID 12519224690) committed to delivering high quality services completed on time and on budget.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Macrobotanical analysis. Sorting identification, and analysis of botanical macroremains (plant tissue including wood, seeds, bulbs, and tubers) from archaeological sites to reconstruct subsistence practices, including agricultural practices


  • Anthracology. Identification of fuel wood (charcoal) from archaeological sites to understand cultural and technological fuel needs. Analysis in conjunction with pollen profiles, landscape features, and historical accounts to reconstruct local vegetation communities and wood management practices


  • Wood identification. Identification of structural wood from intact or remnant buildings, ships, coffins, etc. to better understand construction practices, geographic region of product origin, and raw material availability


  • Radiocarbon support services. Selection and identification of optimal plant material for radiocarbon dating


  • Taphonomy and assemblage formation processes. Comparison of archaeological plant remains to those in historical accounts, archival records, and traditional stories and folklore to better understand strengths and weaknesses of varied sources of information on human-plant relationships


  • Field consultation. Design of sampling strategies to obtain the highest quality information at the lowest cost


  • Recovery consultation. Selection of plant recovery methods to fit project needs


  • Flotation processing (rare). Macrobotanical Analysis occasionally provides flotation processing, but most clients find in-house processing more cost effective. Please use the Contact Form to initiate a discussion if you’re interested in flotation processing services.